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PostHeaderIcon SpaceSaver Treadmills for Your Treadmill Desk

Example of a Folding Spacesaver Treadmill

Are you thinking about purchasing a new mini Treadmill Desk or a full sized one but worried about the space a treadmill consumes? Opting for a spacesaver treadmill or a folding treadmill is beneficial as they are fabulous space savers. When they are not in use, you can fold them up in an easy and hazard-free procedure. These machines are nice looking and, when folded, can fit easily into every nook and corner of your room. Small wheels are also present at the base which helps you to move them easily from one place to another.

A spacesaver treadmill is a perfect option if you are living in a flat or apartment with limited space. In this way, you can own a large exercise machine but after usage, you can store it in a comparatively small space. With a mini treadmill desk attached, you can either remove it temporarily when it is in the upright position, or in the case of mine, I can keep it on even the treadmill is in spacesaver mode, saving time when I am ready to work on homework again.

A treadmill is prone to attract dirt and dust and if you don’t keep it clean then with time it will affect its efficiency. On the other hand, a folding treadmill is much easy to clean and thus proper maintenance gives you increased efficiency.

It is a common belief that spacesaver treadmills are of inferior quality when compared to fixed treadmills. This is a completely wrong concept as additional strengthening mechanisms are added to the design of such folding treadmills to make the whole thing more durable and long-lasting.

If you are ready to boost your working productivity and lose weight while multi-tasking on your work then, using a treadmill with a treadmill desk attached will help you to work without leaving your room and the energy consumption is the same as normal walking. So, your daily workout routines can be incorporated into your daily working or homework time.

The surfaces of folding treadmills are cushioned which decreases the strain on your joints to a great extent. They are favorable for people having knee or back problems and also those who are intense runners.

Things to be taken under consideration before buying spacesaver treadmills –

Check out whether the motor used for moving the conveyer belt is powerful; such motors work efficiently without creating much noise.

Check the breadth of the conveyer belt as greater width lessens your chances of tripping up thus making your workout more comfortable.

Manual or electronic regulation helps you to alter the load by decreasing or increasing the inclination of the treadmill.

Spacesaver treadmills are available in the market in varied sizes and shapes. A number of features are also included now-a-days like i-Fit exercise programs, 7 inch LCD television, MP3players etc. So, buy one today with a mini treadmill desk to make your working experience more enjoyable and, stay fit to look good. 

PostHeaderIcon What Features Should you Look for in a Treadmill for your Treadmill Desk setup?

Bowflex Treadmill

There are a lot of different models of treadmills out there, but which type of model is best for your treadmill desk? Should you get an incline model with lots of fancy workout programs? What about one with a 3.0 HP motor? Do you want whisper quiet models or a cheapie model from Wal-Mart? Here are some things I’ve found with my various treadmill desk setups:

  1. You want quiet if you are in an office environment. Before buying a treadmill go to a fitness store that sells different models and listen to the noise being produced by the various models you are considering. You want one that is quiet so you don’t distract your co-workers. However with that in mind, treadmill noise is kind of like white noise like a fan. Human ears can easily  adapt to ignore the noise that comes from a treadmill. I have asked many people while on the phone at my treadmill desk if they could hear the treadmill and not one has known I was on a treadmill when talking to them. I recommend a whisper-quiet model though just to eliminate any possibility of annoyance from your co-workers.
  2. Get a model with a good motor. The less strain on the motor the longer the treadmill is going to last. It comes down to your budget; buy the one with the best motor and warranty in the class of treadmill you can afford.
  3. Measure the size of your workspace. You don’t really need a large running deck if you are working in an office environment. If you are using it in your home office or dorm for working on homework then you can get one that you will also do a good running workout on. In which case, a long running deck is preferred.
  4. Check Dimensions. All of the desks I’ve worked with provide ample space and adjustment to work with any treadmill, however before ordering a treadmill desk like the trek-desk make sure the dimensions work with your treadmill. With a simple shelf based desk like the SurfShelf it will work with virtually any treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike.
  5. Speed adjustments. You want to make sure the treadmill you purchase allows for small incremental increases in speed. Hal-mile an hour adjustments are a bit much. It is better to get one that allows you to adjust in .1 mile increments. The optimal working speed is enough to not get you tired and allow you to walk all day. That range is in the .7 – 1.3 mph range. Granular speed controls will allow you to get to the target speed that works for you.
  6. Treadmills do occasionally break-down so get the best deck, motor, belt, and control panel warranty you can get. You will be putting a lot of miles on your treadmill if you use it with a treadmill desk. An extended warranty is not a bad idea. You should also buy a model where there is a local dealer that can service your treadmill so it is not out for the count for long if a problem arises.

PostHeaderIcon More Treadmill Maintenance Tips

Treadmills need regular maintenance to keep them running properly!

Like all devices mechanical, a treadmill will require regular maintenance. Using a treadmill desk will place a low burden on the motor since you are moving slower than on other treadmills, however you will be running it for more hours than a treadmill being used for a quick workout. You will need to commit to performing normal maintenance otherwise it will not last, and you may void the warranty. I would also suggest buying a treadmill for your treadmill desk setup with the longest warranty possible especially for the motor, and deck components. Here are some common maintenance items you should also follow to ensure a long lasting treadmill experience:
Sweat is highly corrosive and will cause problems if you don’t wipe it off after each full workout. When you are walking slowly during work hours you will not sweat on the treadmill, but it is a good idea to take care of your treadmill desk by wiping down the desk as well as the areas of the treadmill where you might have gotten sweat on.  Also, wiping down the belt and deck with a damp cloth will clean any debris that may effect the performance of the treadmill.

That being said, the most important component of a treadmill is the belt. The belt is what drives the motor and your workout. A malfunctioning belt can cause many problems internally that can damage the motor, control board, belt or other major operating parts. There are really just a few rules to follow in maintaining and insuring the longest life of your walking belt.

*The most important maintenance item is adding supplemental lube when recommended (see your owners manual). Proper Lubrication will considerably extend the life of any treadmill walking belt.

*Keep the treadmill clean, and evacuate any debris on or around the treadmill.

*Do not place your treadmill in any extreme conditions. Treadmills should always be in a climate controlled room.

*Keeping proper belt tension and tracking (belt should run parallel to the treadmill frame). This will maintain the belt in good working order.

*Keep your treadmill on a level surface. Some treadmills have level adjustments on the rear supports. A treadmill will not track if not on a level surface.

When to Change a Walking Belt

It is never too soon to change a walking belt, but it is often too late.
Although the exterior or walking surface of the belt may not be esthetically pleasing, the part of the belt that is not visible is the most important.

If your treadmill belt is torn, curled up or bare you are in need of a new belt. Also, any problems with speed change when you begin walking are sure signs of belt wear. Regardless, the belt should be changed every 2 to 3 years with regular usage.

Many times you can change a treadmill belt yourself. If you are not comfortable with this procedure, call a reputable Treadmill Repair Company.

While changing the belt, you may notice that the deck of the treadmill also has major wear (bare areas, or ruts). Many times you can turn over the used deck (again, see owners manual). If this is not an option, you may need to completely replace the deck. You can go directly to the manufacturer, or any well rated treadmill replacement parts website.

All of the things listed will greatly extend the life of your treadmill, treadmill belt, and your ability to utilize your treadmill to its fullest capacity.

PostHeaderIcon Treadmill Maintenance Tips

So, you’ve spent the weeks you needed to research, try out, choose and purchase your brand new treadmill. You’ve gotten it assembled and begun your daily workouts…so what now? Well, even the highest end commercial treadmills need a bit of love and affection to keep them purring like a kitten. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to keep your treadmill in tip top shape.

You need a treadmill mat to keep your Treadmill operating in good condition.

Tip #1
The first thing you are going to want to do is get a good treadmill mat to go underneath your unit. Despite what you think, a treadmill mat isn’t as much for protecting your floor as for protecting your treadmill. You see, a treadmill’s motor builds up a huge static charge as you work out. The charge will suck dust, lint and debris into your motor, causing it to clog and run inefficiently. The more gunk in your motor the worse it will run and the shorter its lifespan will be. Sliding a nice treadmill mat underneath your equipment will help reduce that static and the amount of stuff getting sucked up in it. As a bonus, you’ll also be protecting your floor and carpet. Watch out for cheap mats, though. If you pick up a budget treadmill mat you run the risk of having it stain your hardwood floor or stick to your carpet.

Tip #2
Sticking with dust and dirt, make sure to dust/clean your treadmill once every other week. Take special care with the belt area as any build up should be cleaned off right away or you’ll risk reduced performance.

Tip #3
I know it’s going to sound over obvious, but make sure to keep your power cord well away from the base of the unit and the incline mechanism. You have no idea how many cords we end up replacing on our service calls.

Tip #4
If you find your belt slipping, it may be because the belt tracking is off. You can adjust your tracking the same way you make sure the belt is properly aligned, with the alignment screws at the rear of your treadmill. An Allen wrench is all you need. A quick quarter clockwise turn should tighten everything back up. Make sure never to turn either side more than a quarter turn at any given time because you the adjustments levels are very fine. Keeping your belt aligned will reduce the load on you treadmill belt and belt guides. Check out your owner’s manual for more information.

Tip #5
A lot of times the cause of a misalignment on a treadmill belt is from the unit not being level. Make sure to get your treadmill level.

Protect your treadmill with lubricant if your manual says you need it.

Tip #6
Unless specifically instructed by your owner’s manual, do not use silicone or oils to lubricate your treadmill’s deck. A clean, dry, dust-free bed and belt combination is ideal for a long-lasting treadmill. If your manual recommends the use of a silicone spray for lubrication, make sure to precisely follow application and scheduling instructions. Some treadmill decks may require initial waxing to help reduce friction with the belt. Do not wax a deck unless recommended by the manufacturer. Lubrication to pretreated wax decks may interfere with the wax.

Tip #7
The lowest level of friction between your belt and deck is desired. If the amount of friction is too high, you’ll end up with damage and wear to both your motor and your year. The best way to judge a low friction belt is that it will slide when the power is off and you can manually walk the belt when the treadmill is powered down. Improper lubrication can lead to overworking your motor.

Tip #8
One of the main problems on most treadmills (home and commercial) is in the control board. As with any computer, the treadmill’s control board is subject to power surges, improper grounding and so on. The best way to protect your treadmill’s computer brain is to unplug it when not in use and use a grounded plug when powered on.

Tip #9
Read your user’s manual. I know, I know…”who really reads those darn things?” Well, you should. Just about everything you need to know will be found in that little book that came with your treadmill. Pop it open while you’re in the bathroom for a good read.