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This is my SufShelf Mini Treadmill Desk

One of the easiest ways to get started with treadmill desks is with a SurfShelf. It is made of tough plastic, and is designed to fit on any treadmill. I received mine from Amazon less than three days after I ordered it. It has been fantastic! It is made of high quality clear plastic with multiple adjustments for various treadmills and other exercise equipment such as an exercise bike or elliptical.
TrekDesk Treadmill Desks
The instructions that are provided with the SurfShelf mini treadmill desk show how to use it with any standard exercise machine. It comes with two long straps that can be used if necessary to connect it to your device. It also comes with a Velcro strap that will hold your laptop in place wherever it is situated. I have never seen such a flexible desk. It can be used for a laptop or for reading a book while on your treadmill or other exercise machine. It is extremely sturdy as well. I have a desktop replacement laptop made by Dell that is on the heavy side. It fits extremely well and could easily accommodate a much larger laptop if necessary. The SurfShelf Mini Treadmill Desk is the easiest way to try out a treadmill Desk before upgrading to a full sized office treadmill desk. It is a very inexpensive piece of equipment that will work with virtually any exercise equipment. I’ve tried it at the gym and at home. It works extremely well! For less than $40.00 how can you possibly go wrong? You can use it as a reading shelf, laptop shelf, or for writing while using your treadmill. The Surfshelf mini treadmill desk is a very innovative and versatile office treadmill desk or also for home use. I can’t say enough good things about the SurfShelf. The pictures used on the post are of my SurfShelf device, not a picture from Amazon or elsewhere.

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Some of the pricier treadmill desks especially from a company like Steelcase can be upwards of $2,000 and much more depending on the options. Do you want to try a treadmill desk without all the expense? There is a pretty simple solution in the video below. Take a treadmill, place a board on top of the handrails. And Voila! Of course it probably isn’t the best long term solution, so you may wish to upgrade to the Trek Desk which is a very moderately priced high quality Treadmill Desk.

TrekDesk Treadmill Desks
Check out the video and see how easy it is to get started with a treadmill desk. If you need to;  borrow a neglected treadmill sitting in a friends garage or basement as the basis of your experiment.

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I know it sounds surprising, but you can do everything you can do on your regular desk while walking on your treadmill and working with a treadmill desk. You can type an e-mail, surf the web without issue, and even make phone calls.

The key is to walk slowly enough, somewhere in the range of .7-1.5 miles per hour. Walking at these speeds will not cause you to break a sweat, or cause your breathing to become heavier. If you are in your home office though and are just surfing the web you can bump up the speed to a modest pace in the 3mph and still be able to surf the web effectively depending on your physical ability etc… Use the fine tuning speed adjustment to find the optimal speed for the type of work you are doing. In an office setting, I wouldn’t bump up the speed beyond the more modest .7-1.8 mph range because you don’t want to be sweaty when co-workers come around.

TrekDesk Treadmill Desks
So is it true you can talk on the phone while working at the treadmill desk?

Absolutely! I do it all the time, and no-one even knows I’m on the phone. I’ve asked several people, and they were shocked when I told them I was walking on a treadmill. Phones are good at ignoring the small amount of white noise that a treadmill makes when you are walking, so people on the other end will not hear that noise.

Can you type a letter or do other data processing tasks while working at a treadmill desk?

Again Absolutely! You can do anything you can at a normal desk. If you find that typing is a bit more difficult just slow down the speed. Also try not to concentrate on your feet movement, and before long you won’t even realize you are walking and working at the same time. You can program computer code, write business letters, and absolutely anything else you can do sitting at a traditional desk.

There is lots of variety in the treadmill desk products. You can buy one with cupholders, and a generous workspace, or you can get a simple SurfShelf that you can sit your laptop on top of. Either way, it comes down to the features you are looking for in a workspace.

Click here to see some of the Treadmill Desk products that are available.

If you don’t believe what you can do on a treadmill take a book with you to a gym that offers a free trial and try it. Just walk slowly and see that you can read a book without a problem. If you can do that you can also read off of a laptop or desktop monitor right? I challenge you to give a treadmill desk a try. I love mine enough to make a website all about it.


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Using a treadmill desk is not just about the potential weight loss that can be achieved. While it is true that using the treadmill at a slow pace over a sustained period of time will help you shed calories this is not the only benefit that can be achieved by diligent use of your treadmill. Here are some other benefits that walking helps promote:

A Healthy Brain

Have you heard the phrase that walking can clear your head? Well it is true, according to the Franklin Institute, walking increases the blood flow and oxygen to the brain. This extra oxygen allows for more energy production and waste removal.

 Enhanced Memory

Several studies especially amongst the elderly population shows that walking increases memory function. Why not get started earlier and help prevent memory loss by walking throughout your life.

 Increased Productivity

Brandon Alderman, a researcher at Rutgers University, has been researching walking on a treadmill desk and its effects on productivity. According to Alderman, “We’re learning that people perform better when given the opportunity to stand and move around while they’re at work… So from a productivity standpoint, it might be best if they’re also moving while they’re working.” Additional research is being conducted at other research universities including the University of California San Diego to determine the productivity benefits of Treadmill Desks.

Low-Impact Workout

Walking is something that humans are very good at. In the past it was one of our primary methods of transportation. Walking is easy on the body, and provides a very low-impact workout that almost everyone can enjoy to help improve their health and well-being. Of course it is always good to consult a doctor if you are going to start any new exercise if you are afflicted by heart disease or any other condition that has prevented you from performing other workouts.

Stress Reliever

Walking along with other exercise helps relieve stress. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Exercise is an effective distraction from stressful events.” and “Exercise may directly blunt the harmful effects of stress on blood pressure and the heart (exercise protects the heart in any case).” Adding exercise to your life can help you have a better feeling of well-being.

With all of these health benefits from walking, and other exercise why not include it into your daily time at work? You can improve your health and productivity and get all these great benefits on top of it. I have been using my treadmill desk for several months now, and I absolutely love how I can work and get my exercise at the same time! I strongly recommend everyone who doesn’t have time for exercise try out the concept. You can stick a board across the arms of an existing treadmill you have, or go to a friends house and try it out. I think you will be amazed at how productive you feel and how easy it is to burn those calories with walking just at a slow pace. Once you try it out and decide it is for you, you should pick out a more stable and wonderful treadmill desk such as the Trek Desk Shown Below:


This is a popular Treadmill Desk: The TrekDesk

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TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

People have been spending more time both at work and on their computers. With so much time sitting, it is possible that there is a link to that and the obesity rate across the United States reaching all time highs. In studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic, located in Rochester, Minnesota, Dr. James Levine has been doing research that has shown that people can burn 100 calories walking slowly, rather then spending time at their desks, over an eight hour period. This is enough exercise to not cause a sweat, but to show benefits.

Dr. Levine believes, through his years of research, that people can lose up to 57 pounds per year by replacing their desk and chair with a treadmill desk. Standing alone burns 20 calories over sitting, so add a low impact workout to the mix could cause great results.

Weight loss and exercise has been proven to help many medical problems, such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Exercising can help maintain a healthy body weight by increasing metabolism. The treadmill desk can also help increase circulation throughout the body.

The University of Chicago conducted a study that concluded that daily walking increases attention and memory by as much as 15% over a course of six months. Another benefit to the treadmill desk is productivity. While sitting, people can get tired by lunch time. While standing and walking has been shown to keep people more alert and awake. This could help people get more done in their typical work days.

Walking also has been shown to reduce stress and increase mood enhancing compounds in the brain such as Serotonin. Harvard Medical School has conducted studies that have shown walking to decrease depression symptoms in a matter of days.

You will never need to worry about scheduling time to workout again. You will get the exercise needed during your regular work day, walking at a slow 1 mile pace per hour. All this, while doing the activities you normally do everyday.

With a treadmill desk you will have everything you need right at your fingertips, as you do now, but there are far many more benefits for throwing away that chair.

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Here is an example of a simple Treadmill Desk

There’s a lot to do in a day, and if you have family commitments, a busy work schedule and social events to attend then you probably find it      very difficult to squeeze exercise into your daily schedule. That is, until you discovered Treadmill Desks! The Treadmill Desk was invented to enable the every day worker, irrespective of fitness level, to remain fully active in the workplace. It’s a fact that sitting at your desk, staring into the computer screen for 8-10 hours before heading home, once again sitting down in your car and heading straight to your comfortable sofa are all extremely bad things to do if you care about your health. Remaining active doesn’t only help to improve your fitness – it helps to maintain your physical mobility, reduce your stress levels, promote mental and physical well-being and stave off arthritis and other movement-related issues as you age. Exercise increases blood-flow around the body too, carrying more oxygen to your skin, eyes, hair follicles and muscles – ensuring you stay looking younger and healthier for longer. The endorphins that are released also have a positive effect on your mood and general mental health – reducing the blues all year round! In other words, exercise is a wonderful thing – and we should all be doing it! It doesn’t have to be hard or exhausting, nor does it even have to make us sweat! Low impact exercise that you can do by simply walking at a gentle pace is all you really need to be doing to keep yourself active, healthy and mobile, but sadly many of us don’t make space for it in our lives. The Treadmill Desk is taking off around the world for one major reason – you don’t need to ‘fit it in’. You can stand at an elevated desk, walking at the speed of your choice, whilst reading your emails and writing your documents. In other words, you can walk while you work! This is ideal for those of us that simply can’t find the motivation or the time to exercise during the day, like hard-working single parents, office workers, business men and women, telesales staff, students, and other desk-based occupations that require long hours and very little movement. We can now stop making excuses and begin to get mobile witho Read the rest of this entry »