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PostHeaderIcon Gym Membership Versus Treadmill Desk

There is nothing worse than spending hard earned money for a gym membership and never using it. There are a host of reasons this happens to people. Sometimes we have less time in our day then we intended, or the membership is for full gym access when all we wanted is to be more active. Even factors like chronic pain and reliable transportation can make a gym membership useless.

A treadmill desk is a workstation/treadmill hybrid that allows you to become constantly active while working all day at what would normally be a sit-down job. The idea is to turn your idle hours at work and home into vital hours of caloric expenditure. The increase of activity over time is enough to kick the metabolism into constant high gear and burn more fat.

At a gym you have one shot each trip to use a piece of cardio equipment. If the gym you use is very busy, the time you have on that equipment can be as short as 20-30 min. Using a treadmill desk at home provides you with all the time you desire to engage in physical activity.

Treadmill desks are relatively cheap to build at home. All you need is to afix a used treadmill to an elevated flat surface, or slide one under a desk that is chest high instead of a chair. This idea is becoming so popular, certain companies are manufacturing desk/treadmill convertable stations. If you are trying to save money however, prefabricated units may be out of the question. Just get inventive at home.

There are other benefits to using one of these units at home constantly. Secondary fitness occurs. If you are exercising your lower body and doing something else with your arms, shoulders and back, you are developing a strong core through balance. Cardio activity requires core contraction to sustain. The more your muscular balance is developed, the more opportunity for fat burning will occur.

Since these units are relatively new innovations, only time and consistent use will tell if they could eventually make going to the gym to trim up obsolete.

PostHeaderIcon Dr. Levine Speaking about the Benefits of the Treadmill Desk

Dr. Levine of the Mayo Clinic is the pioneer who came up with the concept of the Treadmill Desk. His purpose was to help lower the crippling costs that healthcare has had on American businesses. With obesity being so prevalent, Dr. Levine’s simple but highly effective solution is just the cure that American businesses need to help lower their healthcare costs. Here is a video of Dr. Levine speaking about his amazing concept: