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PostHeaderIcon How to Try out a Treadmill Desk on the Cheap

Some of the pricier treadmill desks especially from a company like Steelcase can be upwards of $2,000 and much more depending on the options. Do you want to try a treadmill desk without all the expense? There is a pretty simple solution in the video below. Take a treadmill, place a board on top of the handrails. And Voila! Of course it probably isn’t the best long term solution, so you may wish to upgrade to the Trek Desk which is a very moderately priced high quality Treadmill Desk.

TrekDesk Treadmill Desks
Check out the video and see how easy it is to get started with a treadmill desk. If you need to;  borrow a neglected treadmill sitting in a friends garage or basement as the basis of your experiment.

PostHeaderIcon How a Treadmill Desk can Improve Your Memory and Productivity

Using a treadmill desk is not just about the potential weight loss that can be achieved. While it is true that using the treadmill at a slow pace over a sustained period of time will help you shed calories this is not the only benefit that can be achieved by diligent use of your treadmill. Here are some other benefits that walking helps promote:

A Healthy Brain

Have you heard the phrase that walking can clear your head? Well it is true, according to the Franklin Institute, walking increases the blood flow and oxygen to the brain. This extra oxygen allows for more energy production and waste removal.

 Enhanced Memory

Several studies especially amongst the elderly population shows that walking increases memory function. Why not get started earlier and help prevent memory loss by walking throughout your life.

 Increased Productivity

Brandon Alderman, a researcher at Rutgers University, has been researching walking on a treadmill desk and its effects on productivity. According to Alderman, “We’re learning that people perform better when given the opportunity to stand and move around while they’re at work… So from a productivity standpoint, it might be best if they’re also moving while they’re working.” Additional research is being conducted at other research universities including the University of California San Diego to determine the productivity benefits of Treadmill Desks.

Low-Impact Workout

Walking is something that humans are very good at. In the past it was one of our primary methods of transportation. Walking is easy on the body, and provides a very low-impact workout that almost everyone can enjoy to help improve their health and well-being. Of course it is always good to consult a doctor if you are going to start any new exercise if you are afflicted by heart disease or any other condition that has prevented you from performing other workouts.

Stress Reliever

Walking along with other exercise helps relieve stress. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Exercise is an effective distraction from stressful events.” and “Exercise may directly blunt the harmful effects of stress on blood pressure and the heart (exercise protects the heart in any case).” Adding exercise to your life can help you have a better feeling of well-being.

With all of these health benefits from walking, and other exercise why not include it into your daily time at work? You can improve your health and productivity and get all these great benefits on top of it. I have been using my treadmill desk for several months now, and I absolutely love how I can work and get my exercise at the same time! I strongly recommend everyone who doesn’t have time for exercise try out the concept. You can stick a board across the arms of an existing treadmill you have, or go to a friends house and try it out. I think you will be amazed at how productive you feel and how easy it is to burn those calories with walking just at a slow pace. Once you try it out and decide it is for you, you should pick out a more stable and wonderful treadmill desk such as the Trek Desk Shown Below:


This is a popular Treadmill Desk: The TrekDesk