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A Walking Desk with the ability to sit as well!


Regular and long hours of exercise are the only way to achieve your fitness goals faster and gain effective health-related results. For all the ‘busy bees’ who get little time to spend on fitness due to their busy daily schedule getting this exercise can be a major challenge. So, a treadmill desk or a walking desk is the most convenient option by which you can gain fitness without hampering your professional life. In fact, it is one of the best ways to control obesity among office workers whose work involves sitting for hours in front of computers.

A walking desk can be beneficial as you can simultaneously perform your chores or does your office work at the desk, while also walking slowly on the moving conveyer belt of the treadmill. The aim of a walking desk is to include some body movements to your otherwise stagnant routine day-to-day office work. Without sitting the whole day on a chair, you can take slow walks on the treadmill while working on its desk. Just by walking slowly on the conveyer belt you can burn about 100-150 calories per hour. This helps in treating obesity and increasing your fitness.

Working on a walking desk is beneficial in a number of ways. It is an effective way to burn the extra calories you’ve accumulated along your waistline. It improves blood circulation and makes your mind more active thus increasing your productivity.

It also promotes weight loss and maintains your cholesterol levels i.e. decreases detrimental LDL cholesterol and increases useful HDL cholesterol. Treadmill desks help immensely in cases of Type II diabetes and prevention of osteoporosis, heart disease and stroke. It even increases your lung capacity.

Treadmill desks prevent inflammation due to arthritis or osteoarthritis. It is beneficial for eliminating the risk of fatal diseases like colon cancer, breast cancer and also dementia and Alzheimer. The benefits of using a treadmill are plenty. It triggers at over-all improvement of your health thus increasing your energy levels. This helps in increasing your concentration levels and productivity and makes your professional life smooth and easy. It increases libido which enhances your sex-life.

The above benefits regarding treadmill desks may seem to be too good to be true but, this is an exercise machine backed by years of research. There are so many diseases with so many pharmaceutical cures (with the side effects) but, we forget the most inexpensive way to cure ailments i.e. walking. Now-a-days it is quite difficult to save few hours for your health due to the work load at your workplace. So, needless to say that a treadmill desk will prove itself to be worthy of the money you spend on buying it.

Walking desks can costs less than a single month’s insurance premium and offer you the benefits which such insurance premiums could hardly offer. Medical insurance is something very important but, taking care of your health and providing your body with all its necessities is the best insurance of all ; it is an insurance for the present and as well as your future.

So now is the time to act! Don’t neglect your health or fitness for your work when you can do it both simultaneously with the help of the walking desk.