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PostHeaderIcon Things to do while working at your Treadmill Desk

I know it sounds surprising, but you can do everything you can do on your regular desk while walking on your treadmill and working with a treadmill desk. You can type an e-mail, surf the web without issue, and even make phone calls.

The key is to walk slowly enough, somewhere in the range of .7-1.5 miles per hour. Walking at these speeds will not cause you to break a sweat, or cause your breathing to become heavier. If you are in your home office though and are just surfing the web you can bump up the speed to a modest pace in the 3mph and still be able to surf the web effectively depending on your physical ability etc… Use the fine tuning speed adjustment to find the optimal speed for the type of work you are doing. In an office setting, I wouldn’t bump up the speed beyond the more modest .7-1.8 mph range because you don’t want to be sweaty when co-workers come around.

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So is it true you can talk on the phone while working at the treadmill desk?

Absolutely! I do it all the time, and no-one even knows I’m on the phone. I’ve asked several people, and they were shocked when I told them I was walking on a treadmill. Phones are good at ignoring the small amount of white noise that a treadmill makes when you are walking, so people on the other end will not hear that noise.

Can you type a letter or do other data processing tasks while working at a treadmill desk?

Again Absolutely! You can do anything you can at a normal desk. If you find that typing is a bit more difficult just slow down the speed. Also try not to concentrate on your feet movement, and before long you won’t even realize you are walking and working at the same time. You can program computer code, write business letters, and absolutely anything else you can do sitting at a traditional desk.

There is lots of variety in the treadmill desk products. You can buy one with cupholders, and a generous workspace, or you can get a simple SurfShelf that you can sit your laptop on top of. Either way, it comes down to the features you are looking for in a workspace.

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If you don’t believe what you can do on a treadmill take a book with you to a gym that offers a free trial and try it. Just walk slowly and see that you can read a book without a problem. If you can do that you can also read off of a laptop or desktop monitor right? I challenge you to give a treadmill desk a try. I love mine enough to make a website all about it.