PostHeaderIcon What Features Should you Look for in a Treadmill for your Treadmill Desk setup?

Bowflex Treadmill

There are a lot of different models of treadmills out there, but which type of model is best for your treadmill desk? Should you get an incline model with lots of fancy workout programs? What about one with a 3.0 HP motor? Do you want whisper quiet models or a cheapie model from Wal-Mart? Here are some things I’ve found with my various treadmill desk setups:

  1. You want quiet if you are in an office environment. Before buying a treadmill go to a fitness store that sells different models and listen to the noise being produced by the various models you are considering. You want one that is quiet so you don’t distract your co-workers. However with that in mind, treadmill noise is kind of like white noise like a fan. Human ears can easily  adapt to ignore the noise that comes from a treadmill. I have asked many people while on the phone at my treadmill desk if they could hear the treadmill and not one has known I was on a treadmill when talking to them. I recommend a whisper-quiet model though just to eliminate any possibility of annoyance from your co-workers.
  2. Get a model with a good motor. The less strain on the motor the longer the treadmill is going to last. It comes down to your budget; buy the one with the best motor and warranty in the class of treadmill you can afford.
  3. Measure the size of your workspace. You don’t really need a large running deck if you are working in an office environment. If you are using it in your home office or dorm for working on homework then you can get one that you will also do a good running workout on. In which case, a long running deck is preferred.
  4. Check Dimensions. All of the desks I’ve worked with provide ample space and adjustment to work with any treadmill, however before ordering a treadmill desk like the trek-desk make sure the dimensions work with your treadmill. With a simple shelf based desk like the SurfShelf it will work with virtually any treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike.
  5. Speed adjustments. You want to make sure the treadmill you purchase allows for small incremental increases in speed. Hal-mile an hour adjustments are a bit much. It is better to get one that allows you to adjust in .1 mile increments. The optimal working speed is enough to not get you tired and allow you to walk all day. That range is in the .7 – 1.3 mph range. Granular speed controls will allow you to get to the target speed that works for you.
  6. Treadmills do occasionally break-down so get the best deck, motor, belt, and control panel warranty you can get. You will be putting a lot of miles on your treadmill if you use it with a treadmill desk. An extended warranty is not a bad idea. You should also buy a model where there is a local dealer that can service your treadmill so it is not out for the count for long if a problem arises.

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